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High speed data transfers, super wide-band, wifi--this is the wireless landscape. Huge volumes of information are traveling through the air. As we continue to explore these frequencies, we expose ourselves to realms we didnít even know existed. We only fear what we can touch, hear, see or taste, but there is potentially so much more out there. What if our wireless technologies made a connection to a world beyond our own? What if, when you turn on your cell phone or log on to your email, you exposed yourself to forces beyond your worst fears? What if every connection = infection?

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Box Office Info:

Kristen Bell (as Emily )
Tate Hanyok (as Cafe girl )
Ian Somerhalder (as Jeff )
Christina Milian (as Traci )
Rick Gonzalez (as Stone )
Riki Lindhome (as Janelle )
Jonathan Tucker (as Uncredited )
Amanda Tepe (as Grad Student )
Samm Levine (as Tim )
Steve Talley (as Marc )
Joseph Gatt (as Uber Phantom )
Corryn Cummins (as Crying Girl )
Kel O'Neill (as Douglas Ziegler )

Directed By: Jim Sonzero
Written By: Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Stephen Susco
Produced By: Dimension Films

Release Date (US): August 11th, 2006

Length of Movie: 1h 30min

MPAA Rating: R for some violent images

Budget: $7,500,000

Opening Weekend: $8,203,822

Pulse Soundtrack

Pulse Soundtrack
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1. Goodness Of The Girl - Intercooler
2. Delay The Wait - Overnight Lows
3. Josh's Secret - Elia Cmiral
4. Lost Soul in Library - Elia Cmiral
5. Ghost in Bath - Elia Cmiral
6. Computer Center - Elia Cmiral
7. Izzy Deceased - Elia Cmiral
8. Mattie Walks Home - Elia Cmiral
9. Stone's Death - Elia Cmiral
10. Alone with Ghosts - Elia Cmiral
11. Suicide - Elia Cmiral
12. Remembering Izzy - Elia Cmiral
13. Video Diary - Elia Cmiral
14. Mattie Has a Dream - Elia Cmiral
15. Leaving - Elia Cmiral
16. Mattie's Hallucination - Elia Cmiral
17. Dancing Ghost - Elia Cmiral
18. Sad and Scared - Elia Cmiral
19. Phantoms Attack - Elia Cmiral
20. Printer - Elia Cmiral
21. Dexter Gets a Visitor - Elia Cmiral
22. Crazy Ziegler - Elia Cmiral
23. Wall of Pipes - Elia Cmiral
24. Mattie's Nightmare - Elia Cmiral
25. Escape - Elia Cmiral
26. Not Over Yet - Elia Cmiral
27. Esto Es Lo Que Hay - Los Amigos Invisibles

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