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Pulp Fiction Movie

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Follows the stories of two mob hit men, a boxer and a pair of diner bandits whose fates intertwine in four tales of violence and redemption

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Box Office Info:

Tim Roth (as Pumpkin (Ringo) )
Amanda Plummer (as Honey Bunny (Yolanda) )
Laura Lovelace (as Waitress )
John Travolta (as Vincent Vega )
Samuel L. Jackson (as Jules Winnfield )
Phil LaMarr (as Marvin )
Frank Whaley (as Brett )
Burr Steers (as Roger )
Bruce Willis (as Butch Coolidge )
Ving Rhames (as Marsellus Wallace )
Paul Calderon (as Paul )
Bronagh Gallagher (as Trudi )
Rosanna Arquette (as Jody )
Eric Stoltz (as Lance )
Uma Thurman (as Mia Wallace )

Directed By: Quentin Tarantino
Written By: Quentin Tarantino & Roger Avary
Produced By: Miramax Films

Release Date (US): 1994

Length of Movie: 2h 34min

MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong graphic violence and drug use, pervasive strong language and some sexuality.

Budget: $8,000,000

Opening Weekend: $9,300,000

Overall Domestic Box Office Gross: $107,930,000

Pulp Fiction Soundtrack

Pulp Fiction Soundtrack
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1. Misirlou - Dick Dale & His Del-Tones
2. Royale With Cheese - John Travolta
3. Jungle Boogie - Kool & The Gang
4. Let's Stay Together - Al Green
5. Bustin' Surfboards - The Tornadoes
6. Lonesome Town - Ricky Nelson
7. Son Of A Preacher Man - Dusty Springfield
8. Bullwinkle Part II - The Centurians
9. You Never Can Tell - Chuck Berry
10. Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon - Urge Overkill
11. If Love Is A Red Dress (Hang Me In Rags) - Maria McKee
12. Comanche - The Revels
13. Flowers On The Wall - The Statler Brothers
14. Personality Goes A Long Way - John Travolta
15. Surf Rider - The Lively Ones
16. Ezekiel 25:17 - Samuel L. Jackson

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