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Fifteen-year-old Mia discovers that her father is the Prince of Genovia and she is the sole heir to the throne. She must decide, by her sixteenth birthday, whether she will live as a princess and move to Genovia or remain in San Francisco where she lives with her artist mom. Meanwhile, she must suffer through the indignity of princess lessons at the hands of her stern grandmother, Queen Clarisse Renaldi.

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Box Office Info:

Julie Andrews (as Clarisse Renaldi)
Anne Hathaway (as Mia Thermopolis)
Hector Elizondo (as Joe)
Heather Matarazzo (as Lilly Moscovitz)
Mandy Moore (as Lana Thomas)
Caroline Goodall (as Helen Thermopolis)
Robert Schwartzman (as Michael Moscovitz)
Erik von Detten (as Josh Bryant (as Erik Von Detten))
Patrick Flueger (as Jeremiah Hart)
Sean O'Bryan (as Mr. O'Connell)
Sandra Oh (as Vice Principal Gupta)
Kathleen Marshall (as Charlotte)
Mindy Burbano (as Gym Teacher Ms. Harbula)
Kim Leigh (as Music Teacher Wells)
Beth Anne Garrison (as Cheerleader Anna)

Directed By: Garry Marshall
Written By:Meg Cabot & Gina Wendkos
Produced By: Walt Disney Pictures

Release Date (US): 5 August 2001

Length of Movie: 114 min

MPAA Rating: Rated G

Budget: $37,000,000

Opening Weekend:$22,862,269

Domestic Box Office Gross: $108,244,774

The Princess Diaries Soundtrack

The Princess Diaries Soundtrack
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1. SuperGirl - Krystal Harris
2. Little Bitty Pretty One - Aaron Carter
3. Miss You More - BB Mak
4. Crush - 3G's
5. What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful) - Backstreet Boys
6. Miracles Happen - Myra
7. Always Tomorrow - Nobody's Angel
8. Away With The Summer Days - Youngstown
9. Stupid Cupid - Mandy Moore
10. Wake Up - Hanson
11. Happy Go Lucky - Steps
12. I Love Life - Melissa Lefton
13. Ain't Nuthin' But A She Thing - Lil' J featuring Nobody's Angel and
14. Hold On - B'Witched
15. The Journey - Mpulz

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