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Paige, a pre-med student from Wisconsin, is on the fast track toward her life-long goals. Edward, the Crown Prince of Denmark, is trying to escape a life he never chose. Needing an escape from his royal life, Edward treks to Wisconsin and poses as Eddie, a college student. Now they've fallen in love and Edward is in line to become Denmark's King. Paige has to choose between two dreams--becoming a princess, or the doctor she's always wanted to be.

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Box Office Info:

Julia Stiles (as Paige Morgan)
Luke Mably (as Prince Edvard 'Eddie' Valdemar Dangaard)
Ben Miller (as Soren)
James Fox (as King Haraald)
Miranda Richardson (as Queen Rosalind)
Eliza Bennett (as Princess Arabella)
Alberta Watson (as Amy Morgan)
John Bourgeois (as Ben Morgan)

Directed By: Martha Coolidge
Written By: Jack Amiel & Michael Begler
Produced By: Paramount Pictures

Release Date (US): April 2nd, 2004

Length of Movie: 1h 51min

MPAA Rating: Rated PG for some sex-related material and language.

Budget: $22,000,000

Opening Weekend: $9,406,378

The Prince and Me Soundtrack

The Prince and Me Soundtrack
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1. Everybody Wants You - Josh Kelley
2. Just A Ride - Jem
3. Fire Escape - Fastball
4. Man Of The World - Marc Cohn
5. Calling - Leona Naess
6. Good Intentions - Jennifer Stills
7. I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You - Marc Cohn
8. Symphony - Jessica Riddle
9. It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This - Katy Fitzgerald
10. Freeway - Scapegoat Wax
11. Presidente - Kinky
12. Drift - Forty Foot Echo
13. Party - The D4
14. Bloodsweet - Scapegoat Wax
15. Separate Worlds - Jennie Muskett

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