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Pride and Prejudice Movie

Pride and Prejudice Info:

Released in US December 5, 2003 (limited)
Total US Gross $373,942
MPAA Rating PG for mild thematic elements
Distributed by Excel Entertainment
Produced by Working Title
Original Story by Jane Austen
Major Genre Comedy
Country United States

Pride and Prejudice Cast:

Kam Heskin    ( as Elizabeth Bennet )
Orlando Seale    ( as Will Darcy )
Lucila Sola    ( as Jane )
Kelly Stables    ( as Lydia )
Nicole Hamilton    ( as Kitty )
Rainy Kerwin    ( as Mary )
Henry Maguire    ( as Jack Wickham )
Ben Gourley    ( as Charles Bingley )
Kara Holden    ( as Caroline Bingley )
Hubbel Palmer    ( as Collins )
Honor Bliss    ( as Anna Darcy )
Carmen Rasmusen    ( as Charlotte )

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