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Pret-a-Porter Movie

Pret-a-Porter Info:

Released in US December 25, 1994
Total US Gross $11,300,653
Worldwide Gross $19,806,668
MPAA Rating R for language and nudity
Highest Combined Star Gross224
United States TitleReady to Wear
Genres Fashion, Gratuitous Cameos
Distributed by Miramax
Source Original Screenplay
Major Genre Comedy
Country United States
Director Robert Altman

Pret-a-Porter Cast:

Rupert Everett    ( as Jack Lowenthal )
Julia Roberts    ( as Anne Eisenhower )
Tim Robbins    ( as Joe Flynn )
Stephen Rea    ( as Milo O'Brannigan )
Lauren Bacall    ( as Slim Chrysler )
Tracey Ullman    ( as Nina Scant )
Lyle Lovett    ( as Clint Lammeraux )
Kim Basinger    ( as Kitty Potter )
Danny Aiello    ( as Major Hamilton )
Forest Whitaker    ( as Cy Bianco )
Teri Garr    ( as Louise Hamilton )
Sophia Loren    ( as Isabella de la Fontaine )
Marcello Mastroianni    ( as Sergei )
Lili Taylor    ( as Fiona Ulrich )
Sally Kellerman    ( as Sissy Wanamaker )
Richard E. Grant    ( as Cort Romney )
Linda Hunt    ( as Regina Krumm )
Bjork    ( as Model )
Cher    ( as Herself )
Naomi Campbell    ( as Herself )
David Copperfield    ( as Himself )
Claudia Schiffer    ( as Herself )
Linda Evangalista    ( as Herself )

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