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The Parent Trap (1998) Movie

The Parent Trap (1998) Info:

Released in US July 29, 1998
Total US Gross $66,308,518
MPAA Rating PG for some mild mischief
Genres Twins
Distributed by Buena Vista
Music Composed By Alan Silvestri
Source Remake
Major Genre Comedy
Country United States
Director Nancy Meyers

The Parent Trap (1998) Cast:

Dennis Quaid    ( as Nich Parker )
Natasha Richardson    ( as Elizabeth James )
Lindsay Lohan    ( as Hallie Parker/Annie James )
Joanna Barnes    ( as Meredith's mother )
Elaine Hendrix    ( as Meredith Blake )
Polly Holliday    ( as Marva, Sr. )
Simon Kunz    ( as Martin )
Ronnie Stevens    ( as Grandfather )
Lisa Ann Walter    ( as Chessy )

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