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The Paper Movie

The Paper Info:

Released in US March 18, 1994
Total US Gross $36,768,310
MPAA Rating R for strong language
Highest Combined Star Gross85
Genres News
Distributed by Universal
Produced by Imagine Entertainment
Music Composed By Randy Newman
Source Original Screenplay
Major Genre Comedy
Country United States
Director Ron Howard

The Paper Cast:

Michael Keaton    ( as Henry Hackett )
Randy Quaid    ( as McDougal )
Robert Duvall    ( as Bernie White )
Glenn Close    ( as Alicia Clark )
Marisa Tomei    ( as Martha Hackett )
Jason Robards Jr    ( as Graham Keighley )
Jason Alexander    ( as Marion Sandusky )
Catherine O'Hara    ( as Susan )
Clint Howard    ( as Ray Blaisch )
Rance Howard    ( as Alicia's Daughter )
Jack Kehoe    ( as Phil )

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