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A love story set in the 1920s about a young English couple--a conservative doctor and a restless society girl--who marry hastily, relocate to Hong Kong. There they betray each other easily, and find an unexpected chance at redemption and happiness while on a deadly journey into the heart of ancient China.

Box Office Info:

Naomi Watts (as Kitty Fane )
Edward Norton (as Walter Fane )
Liev Schreiber (as Charlie Townsend )
Hélène Cardona (as French nun )
Sally Hawkins
Toby Jones (as Waddington )
Diana Rigg (as Mother Superior )
Linda Sans (as Voice )
Zoe Telford (as Leona )
Anthony Wong Chau-Sang (as General Yu )
Yu Xia
Lu Yin

Directed By: John Curran
Written By: W. Somerset Maugham & Ron Nyswaner
Produced By: Warner Independent Pictures

Release Date (US): January 19th, 2007

Length of Movie: h min

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for some mature sexual situations, partial nudity, disturbing images and brief drug

Budget: $34,000,000

Opening Weekend: $

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