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The Outsiders Movie

The Outsiders Info:

Released in US March 25, 1983
Total US Gross $25,600,000
Production Budget $10,000,000
MPAA Rating PG-13 for violence, teen drinking and smoking, and some sexual reference. (edited version)
Highest Combined Star Gross429
Genres Coming of Age, Gangs
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Original Story by S.E. Hinton
Source Based on Book/Short Story
Major Genre Drama
Country United States
Director Francis Ford Coppola

The Outsiders Cast:

Tom Cruise    ( as Steve Randle )
Diane Lane    ( as Cherry Valance )
Rob Lowe    ( as Sodapop Curtis )
Patrick Swayze    ( as Darrel 'Darry' Curtis )
Matt Dillon    ( as Dallas 'Dally' Winston )
Emilio Estevez    ( as Two-Bit Matthews )
C. Thomas Howell    ( as Ponyboy Curtis )
Ralph Macchio    ( as Johnny Cade )
Sofia Coppola    ( as Little Girl )

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