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The Odd Couple II Movie

The Odd Couple II Info:

Released in US April 10, 1998
Total US Gross $18,912,328
MPAA Rating PG-13 for brief strong language
Alternative TitleOdd Couple II, The
Franchises Odd Couple
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Music Composed By Alan Silvestri
Major Genre Comedy
Country United States
Director Howard Deutch

The Odd Couple II Cast:

Christine Baranski    ( as Thelma )
Doris Belack    ( as Blanche Madison Povitch )
Lou Cutell    ( as Abe )
Mary Fogerty    ( as Flossie (The Grouch) )
Ellen Geer    ( as Frances Ungar Melnick )
Alice Ghostley    ( as Esther (The Whiner) )
Barnard Hughes    ( as Beaumont )
Jack Lemmon    ( as Felix Ungar )
Rex Linn    ( as JayJay )
Walter Matthau    ( as Oscar Madison )
Peggy Miley    ( as Millie (The Nosher) )
Mary Beth Peil    ( as Felice )
Richard Riehle    ( as Sheriff )
Jay O. Sanders    ( as Leroy )
Rebecca Schull    ( as Wanda (The Vixen) )
Jonathan Silverman    ( as Bruce Madison )
Jean Smart    ( as Holly )
Florence Stanley    ( as The Bossy One )
Lisa Waltz    ( as Hannah Ungar )
Estelle Harris    ( as Flirting Woman )
Amy Yasbeck    ( as Stewardess )
Earl Boen    ( as Fred )

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