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In the early years of the 17th century, North America is much as it has been for the previous five thousand years--a vast land of seemingly endless primeval wilderness populated by an intricate network of tribal cultures. Although these nations live in graceful harmony with their environment, their relations with each other are a bit more uneasy. All it will take to upset the balance is an intrusion from the outside. On a spring day in April of 1607, three diminutive ships bearing 103 men sail into this world from their distant home, the island kingdom of England, three thousand miles to the east across a vast ocean. On behalf of their sponsor, the royally chartered Virginia Company, they are seeking to establish a cultural, religious, and economic foothold on the coast of what they regard as the New World. The lead ship of the tiny flotilla is called the Susan Constant. Shackled below decks in her brig is a rebellious 27-year-old named John Smith, destined to be hanged for insubordination as soon as the ship reaches land. A veteran of countless European wars, Smith is a soldier of fortune. He is too talented and popular to have his neck stretched by his own people, and is freed by Captain Christopher Newport soon after the Susan Constant drops anchor. As Captain Newport knows--and the colonists will soon discover--surviving in this unknown wilderness will require the services of every able-bodied man--particularly one of Smith's abilities. Though they don't realize it at the time, Newport and his band of British settlers have landed in the midst of a sophisticated Native American empire ruled by the powerful chieftain Powhatan. To the colonists, it may be a new world. But to Powhatan and his people, it's an ancient world--and the only one they have ever known. The English struggle from the beginning, unable--or, in some cases, stubbornly unwilling--to fend for themselves. Smith, searching for assistance from the local tribesmen, chances upon a young woman who at first seems to be more woodland sprite than human being. A willful and impetuous young woman whose family and friends affectionately call her "Pocahontas"--or "playful one"--she is the favorite of Powhatan's children. Before long a bond develops between Smith and Pocahontas, a bond so powerful that it transcends friendship or even romance.

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Box Office Info:

Colin Farrell (as John Smith )
Q'Orianka Kilcher ( as Pocahontas )
Christian Bale (as John Rolfe )
Arturo Tointigh Adrian (as Core warrior/guide )
Jason Aaron Baca (as Parker )
Blake Bess (as Young Warrior )
Yuriy Cherepnya (as Zone 1 Warrior )
Greg Cooper (as Boatman )
Colin Cox (as English Sailor )
Martin Nigel Davey (as London Gentleman )
John Ghaly (as English Soldier )
Michael Greyeyes (as Rupwew )
Jamie Harris (as Emery )
Joe Inscoe (as Ackley )
Henry Jäderlund (as Leaf Garlanded Man/Warrior )
Q'Orianka Kilcher (as Pocahontas )
Eddie Marsan (as Edward )
Ben Mendelsohn (as Ben )
Anthony Parker (as Core Warrior )
Christopher Plummer (as Captain Christopher Newport )
Kalani Queypo (as Parahunt )
Cory Rodriguez (as Core Warrior )
Gabriel Jones Roxas (as Powhatan Warrior )
Myrton Running Wolf (as Tockwhogh )
Lawrence Santiago (as Core Warrior )
August Schellenberg (as Powhatan )
Wes Studi (as Opechancanough )
Gary Sundown (as Messenger/Core Warrior )
Noah Taylor (as Selway )
David Thewlis (as Captain Edward Wingfield )
Raoul Trujillo (as Tomocomo )
Jeremy Wade (as Jeremy )
Yorick van Wageningen (as Captain Argall )
Will Wallace (as William Sentry )

Directed By: Terrence Malick
Written By: Terrence Malick
Produced By: New Line Cinema

Release Date (US): December 25th, 2005

Length of Movie: 2h 30min

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for some intense battle sequences

Budget: $30,000,000

Opening Weekend: $57,501

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