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The Newton Boys Movie

The Newton Boys Info:

Released in US March 27, 1998
Total US Gross $10,341,093
Production Budget $27,000,000
MPAA Rating PG-13 for violence including bloody aftermath of a shooting, and for language
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Major Genre Drama
Country United States
Director Richard Linklater

The Newton Boys Cast:

Matthew McConaughey    ( as Willis Newton )
Ethan Hawke    ( as Jess Newton )
Vincent D'Onofrio    ( as Doc Newton )
Skeet Ulrich    ( as Joe Newton )
Gail Cronauer    ( as Ma Newton )
Julianna Margulies    ( as Louise Brown )
Jena Karam    ( as Orphan Singer )
Dwight Yoakam    ( as Brentwood Glasscock )
Charles Gunning    ( as Slim )
Regina Mae Matthews    ( as Orphan Fiddler )
Beckett Gremmels    ( as Lewis )
Lew Temple    ( as Waiter )
Glynn Williams    ( as Farmer Williams )

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