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Natural Born Killers Movie

Natural Born Killers Info:

Released in US August 26, 1994
Total US Gross $50,282,766
MPAA Rating R for extreme violence and graphic carnage, for shocking images, and for strong language and sexuality
Highest Combined Star Gross321
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Produced by Regency Enterprises
Source Original Screenplay
Major Genre Black Comedy
Country United States
Director Oliver Stone

Natural Born Killers Cast:

Robert Downey, Jr    ( as Wayne Gale )
Woody Harrelson    ( as Mickey Knox )
Tommy Lee Jones    ( as Dwight McClusky )
Tom Sizemore    ( as Jack Scagnetti )
Denis Leary    ( as Prison inmate (uncredited) )
Juliette Lewis    ( as Mallory Wilson Knox )
Mark Harmon    ( as Mickey Knox in Wayne Gale's reconstruction )
Arliss Howard    ( as Owen Traft (Mickey & Mallory's guardian angel) )
Pruitt Taylor Vince    ( as Kavanaugh )
Joe Grifasi    ( as Duncan Homolka )
Jared Harris    ( as London Boy )

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