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The Mystery Men Movie

The Mystery Men Info:

Released in US August 6, 1999
Total US Gross $29,762,011
Production Budget $68,000,000
MPAA Rating PG for mild language, violence and brief crude humor
Highest Combined Star Gross497
Alternative TitleMystery Men
Genres Dark Horse Comics, Super Hero
Distributed by Universal
Source Based on Comic
Major Genre Comedy
Country United States

The Mystery Men Cast:

Ben Stiller    ( as Mr. Furious )
Hank Azaria    ( as Blue Raja )
William H. Macy    ( as Shoveler )
Paul Reubens    ( as The Spleen )
Claire Forlani    ( as Monica )
Wes Studi    ( as The Sphinx )
Janeane Garofalo    ( as The Bowler )
Kel Mitchell    ( as Invisible Boy )
Geoffrey Rush    ( as Cassanova Frankenstein )
Lena Olin    ( as Dr. Anabel Leek )
Tom Waits    ( as Dr. Heller )
Greg Kinnear    ( as Captain Amazing )
Jennifer Lewis   
Eddie Izzard    ( as Tony Pompadour )
Artie Lange    ( as Big Red )
Joel McCrary   
Lucas Meyers    ( as Citizen Kane )
Stacey Travis    ( as Wonder Woman )
Dawn Marie Warnock    ( as Dead Woman's Daughter )
Michael Bay    ( as Frat Boy )

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