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My Dog Skip Movie

My Dog Skip Info:

Released in US January 12, 2000 (limited)
Total US Gross $34,099,640
Production Budget $7,000,000
MPAA Rating PG for some violent content and mild language
Highest Combined Star Gross958
Genres Coming of Age
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Major Genre Drama
Country United States

My Dog Skip Cast:

Frankie Muniz    ( as Willie Morris )
Diane Lane    ( as Ellen Morris )
Luke Wilson    ( as Dink Jenkins )
Kevin Bacon    ( as Jack Morris )
Caitlin Wachs    ( as Rivers Applewhite )
Bradley Coryell    ( as Big Boy Wilkinson )
Daylan Honeycutt    ( as Henjie Henick )
Cody Linley    ( as Spit McGee )
Peter Crombie    ( as Junior Smalls )
Clint Howard    ( as Millard )
Harry Connick, Jr.    ( as Narrator )

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