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Thirty-something pre-school teacher Sarah Nolan has been divorced for eight months, which is much too long for her co-workers and family to bear. With the best of intentions and only her happiness in mind, Sarah's sisters, Carol and Christine, begin lining up less-than-savory potential suitors. Meanwhile, their widowed father, Bill, is way ahead of the curve, having already cornered the market on internet dates, including his new web squeeze, the free-spirited Dolly. Eager to launch her sister's cyber-dating debut, Carol pretends to be Sarah, goes online and puts her profile on, with the last line being "Must love dogs." Sarah soon endures a torrent of eager wannabes and one very possible maybe, the handsome and accomplished but surprisingly awkward web date Jake as well as Bob, the newly-divorced dad of one of her students, a hot prospect who may prove too good to be true.

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Box Office Info:

Diane Lane (as Sarah )
John Cusack (as Jake )
Elizabeth Perkins (as Carol )
Christopher Plummer (as Bill )
Dermot Mulroney (as Bob )
Stockard Channing (as Dolly )
Ali Hillis (as Christine )
Brad William Henke (as Leo )
Julie Gonzalo (as June )
Glenn Howerton (as Michael )
Ben Shenkman (as Charlie )
Jordana Spiro (as Sherry )
Kirk Trutner (as Deli Guy )
Victor Webster (as Eric )
Michael Spound (as Marc )

Directed By: Gary David Goldberg
Written By: Claire Cook & Gary David Goldberg
Produced By: Warner Bros. Pictures

Release Date (US): July 29th, 2005

Length of Movie: 1h 38min

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sexual content

Budget: $30,000,000

Opening Weekend: $13,050,000

Must Love Dogs Soundtrack

Must Love Dogs Soundtrack
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1. Christopher Plummer - “Brown Penny”
2. Linda Ronstadt - "When Will I Be Loved"
3. Sheryl Crow - "The First Cut Is The Deepest"
4. Eddie Holman - "Hey There Lonely Girl"
5. Stephanie Bentley - "Don’t It Feel Good"
6. Rilo Kiley - "I Never"
7. Susan Haynes - “I’d Rather Be In Love With You”
8. Ryan Adams and the Cardinals - "Dance All Night"
9. Susie Suh - “Shell"
10. Rodney Crowell - “What Kind Of Love”
11. Erich Kunzel, Conductor, and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra - “Prelude And Lara’s Theme” from Dr. Zhivago
12. Natalie Cole - “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)”
13. Diane Lane, Dermot Mulroney, Stockard Channing, Elizabeth Perkins and Ali Hillis - "Come On Get Happy"

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