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Ten years ago, Stan Ross was a ballplayer blessed with one of the sweetest swings--and one of the worst attitudes--in the league. A man with big talent, a bigger mouth and even bigger ego, he was clealy on his way to becoming a legend. The day he batted his 3,000th hit, assuring him an eventual place in the Hall of Fame, Ross instantly quit the fame, leaving his teammates in the lurch. Never looking back, Ross began his 'Mr. 3000' shopping empire, fueling his self-satisfaction solely with that one magical number. But now, just as Ross is about to be voted at last into the Hall of Fame, an error is discovered--the man who thought he was 'Mr. 3000' is actually 'Mr. 2997.' Three hits shy of the landmark number, Ross has only one choice--get up off the couch, pick up the back and rejoin the Milwaukee Brewers for the most unlikely comeback sports has ever seen. Literally going back to first base, Ross has no idea what he's in for. Out of shape, over the hill and in deep denial, he quickly becomes a joke to the press, the bane of his teammates and a juicy story to Mo Simmons, the tough-minded reporter who once had a memorable fling with Ross back inthe day. But just as Ross thinks it's all about the numbers, he finally begins to see what really counts. Soon the cocky, self-absorbed, ego machine is trying a different tactic: discovering the fun of teamwork, ethics and even falling in love--as he learns the difference between a successful life and a meaninful one.

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Box Office Info:

Bernie Mac (as Stan )
Angela Bassett (as Mo )
Michael Rispoli (as Boca )
Brian J. White (as T-Rex )
Ian Anthony Dale (as Fukuda )
Evan Jones (as Fryman )
Amaury Nolasco (as Minadeo )
Dondre Whitfield (as Skillet )
Paul Sorvino (as Gus Panas )
Earl Billings (as Lenny Koron )
Chris Noth (as Schiembri )
Neil Brown Jr. (as Clubhouse Assistant )
Scott Martin Brooks (as Eddie Richling )
Rich Komenich (as Big Horse Borelli )
David Devey (as Gervis )

Directed By: Charles Stone III
Written By: Eric Champnella & Keith Mitchell
Produced By: Touchstone Pictures

Release Date (US): September 17th, 2004

Length of Movie: 1h 44min

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sexual content and language.

Budget: $

Opening Weekend: $8,679,028

Mr. 3000 Soundtrack

Mr. 3000 Soundtrack
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1. Shining Star - Earth, Wind & Fire
2. Jungle Boogie - Kool & The Gang
3. Call Me Super Bad - James Brown
4. Ain't No Stopping Us Now - McFadden & Whitehead
5. Respect Yourself - The Staple Singers
6. Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye
7. Whoomp There It Is - Tag Team
8. If You Don't Know Me By Now - Jean Carne
9. It Takes Two - Rob Base
10. I Got You (I Feel Good - James Brown
11. Let's Groove - Earth, Wind & Fire
12. Why Can't We Be Friends - War
13. Best Is Yet To Come - Steve Lawrence
14. Take Me out To The Ballgame - Ed Meeker
15. If You Don't Know Me By Now - (previously unreleased, with Calvin Richardson

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