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Set in 1886 New Mexico, Maggie Gilkeson is a young woman who is raising her two daughters in an isolated and lawless wilderness. When her oldest daughter is kidnapped by a psychopathic killer with mystical powers, Maggie is forced to re-unite with her long estranged father to rescue her. The killer and his brutal cult of desperados have kidnapped several other teenage girls, leaving a trail of death and horror across the desolate landscape of the American Southwest. Maggie and her father are in a race against time to catch up with the renegades and save her daughter, before they cross the Mexican border and disappear forever.

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Box Office Info:

Tommy Lee Jones (as Samuel Jones)
Cate Blanchett (as Maggie Gilkeson)
Evan Rachel Wood (as Lily Gilkeson)
Jenna Boyd (as Dot Gilkeson)
Aaron Eckhart (as Brake Baldwin)
Val Kilmer (as Lt. Jim Ducharme)
Sergio Calderón (as Emiliano)
Eric Schweig (as Chidin)
Steve Reevis (as Two Stone)
Jay Tavare (as Kayitah)
Simon Baker (as Honesco)
Ray McKinnon (as Russell J. Wintick)
Max Perlich (as Isaac Edgerly)
Ramon Frank (as Grummond)
Matthew E. Montoya (as Tsi Beoyuao/Blowing Tree )

Directed By: Ron Howard
Written By: Thomas Eidson & Ken Kaufman
Produced By: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Release Date (US): November 26, 2003

Length of Movie: 2h 10min

MPAA Rating: Rated R for violence.

Budget: $65,000,000

Opening Weekend: $15,232,287

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1. New Mexico, 1885
2. The Stranger
3. Dawn To Dusk; The Riderless Horse
4. A Dark And Restless Wind
5. The Search Begins
6. Lilly's Fate Is In These Hands
7. The Brujo's Storm - A Loss Of Innocence
8. Setting The Trap - Staying One Step Ahead
9. A Curse Of Ghosts
10. A Rescue Is Planned
11. Kayitah's Death - The Soaring Hawk
12. Rescue And Breakout
13. Profound Loss
14. An Insurmountable Hurdle
15. The Long Ride Home

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