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Message in a Bottle Movie

Message in a Bottle Info:

Released in US February 12, 1999
Total US Gross $52,880,016
Production Budget $30,000,000
MPAA Rating PG-13 for a scene of sexuality
Highest Combined Star Gross850
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Original Story by Nicholas Sparks
Major Genre Drama
Country United States

Message in a Bottle Cast:

Kevin Costner    ( as Garret Blake )
Robin Wright Penn    ( as Theresa Osborne )
Paul Newman    ( as Dodge Blake )
John Savage    ( as Johnny Land )
Illeana Douglas    ( as Lina Paul )
Robbie Coltrane    ( as Charlie Toschi )
Jesse James    ( as Jason Osborne )
Bethel Leslie    ( as Marta Land )
Tom Aldredge    ( as Hank Land )
Viveka Davis    ( as Alva )
Raphael Sbarge    ( as Andy )
Rosemary Murphy    ( as Helen at the B&B )
Steven Eckholdt    ( as David )
Hayden Panettiere    ( as Girl on Sinking Boat )
Marcello Robinson   
Richard Hamilton    ( as Chet )

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