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A robber attacks a married couple, killing the woman and leaving the man for dead. As he convalesces, the man struggles to overcome amnesia through the chaos of memory loss induced by his injuries. Finding himself within rag-tag moments of his past, he attempts to remember the vital details and solve the mystery behind his wife's murder.

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Box Office Info:

Guy Pearce (as Leonard Shelby )
Carrie-Anne Moss (as Natalie )
Joe Pantoliano (as John Edward 'Teddy' Gammell )
Mark Boone Junior (as Burt Hadley )
Russ Fega (as Waiter )
Jorja Fox (as Catherine Shelby )
Stephen Tobolowsky (as Sammy Jankis )
Harriet Sansom Harris (as Mrs. Jankis )
Thomas Lennon (as Doctor )
Callum Keith Rennie (as Dodd )
Kimberly Campbell (as Blonde Whore )
Marianne Muellerleile (as Emma the Tattooist )
Larry Holden (as Jimmy Grantz )

Directed By: Christopher Nolan
Written By: Christopher Nolan & Jonathan Nolan
Produced By: 20th Century Fox

Release Date (US): March 18th, 2002

Length of Movie: 1h 53min

MPAA Rating: Rated R for violence, language and some drug content.

Budget: $5,000,000

Opening Weekend: $235,488

Overall Domestic Box Office Gross: $25,530,884

Memento Soundtrack

Memento Soundtrack
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1. Opening Titles/Polaroid Fades
2. Motel Room/Arriving at the Derelict
3. Snapshot - Roni Size
4. Focus on Sight - Thievery Corporation
5. Stone
6. Remember Me
7. Facts/Tattoos
8. More Facts
9. Treefingers [Extended Version] - Radiohead
10. All Is Full of Love [Funkstorung Mix] - Björk
11. Motel Room/Arriving at the Motel
12. Leonard and Natalie
13. Time for My Shot
14. Losing Control/Tattoo Parlor
15. First Cool Hive - Moby
16. Who Am I - Peace Orchestra
17. Amnesia - Paul Oakenfold
18. Arriving at the Derelict/Jimmy
19. Memento (Main Theme)
20. Something in the Air - David Bowie

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