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Roy and Frank are a couple of professional small-time con artists. Through small time scams, preying on the lonely and old, flim-flam men get a few hundred here, another thousand there, which eventually adds up to a lucrative partnership. Roy’s private life is another story entirely. An obsessive-compulsive agoraphobic with no personal relationships to call his own, Roy is barely hanging on to his wits, and when his idiosyncrasies begin to threaten his criminal productivity he’s forced to seek the help of a psychoanalyst just to keep him in working order. While Roy is looking for a quick fix, his therapy begets more than he bargained for: the revelation that he has a teenage daughter--a child whose existence he suspected but never dared confirm. What’s more troubling, 14-year-old Angela wants to meet the father she never knew. At first, Angela’s appearance disrupts her neurotic father’s carefully ordered routine. Soon, however, with his own unique spin on parenthood, Roy begins to enjoy a relationship he never dreamed of having with his daughter. But while he develops paternal feelings for the 14-year-old, she’s developing a fascination with Daddy’s questionable career.

Nicolas Cage, famous for delving deep into his characters psyche, portrays a middle-aged con artist who finds solitude in the most unlikely places. As much as box office patrons want to think this movie is about the grift (con), it isn't. The grift is inconsequential to the progression of the script. The grift simply gives the movie a backdrop or setting from which the storyline evolves. Although the grift doesn't have to be mind boggling for this movie to succeed, it's pretty good and enables the movie to stand alone even without dialogue and acting. 

Since the grift itself is ingenious it takes a lot of pressure off the actors/actresses in the movie and allows them to give powerful performances. Nicolas Cage does a brilliant job of giving Roy Waller the right amount of ticks and paranoia to make the character believable and debilitated at the same time. Therefore the rest of the script and relationships which ensue seem validated and flow well on the big screen.

Alison Lohman convincingly portrays Angela a 14-year old skateboarding teen queen who wants nothing else except to know her fathers ins and outs. Through their relationships together Roy Waller becomes more confident in his personal life which once you have seen the ending you will understand effectively.

When movies don't rely on high-end CG (computer graphics) and big budget action sequences, they tend to rely on character transformations during the movie. Although this is an overused device in modern cinema it is so effectively utilized in this film that it becomes unique in its own little way. Definitely one of the biggest surprises of the year, Matchstick Men is a must see for fans of the con-driven comedy drama genre.

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Conning strangers using elaborate methods

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Box Office Info:

Nicolas Cage (as Roy)
Sam Rockwell (as Frank Mercer)
Alison Lohman (as Angela)
Bruce McGill (as Frechette)

Directed By: Ridley Scott
Written By: Eric Garcia & Nicholas Griffin
Produced By: Warner Brothers

Release Date (US): September 12, 2003

Length of Movie: 1h 56min

MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for thematic elements, violence, some sexual content and language

Filming Locations: Los Angeles (CA), Anaheim (CA)

Budget: $29,000,000

Opening Weekend: $13,087,307

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