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The Man Who Wasn't There Movie

The Man Who Wasn't There Info:

Released in US October 31, 2001 (limited)
Total US Gross $7,494,849
MPAA Rating R for a scene of violence
Distributed by USA Films
Produced by Working Title
Major Genre Drama
Country United States
Director Joel Coen

The Man Who Wasn't There Cast:

Billy Bob Thornton    ( as Ed Crane )
Frances McDormand    ( as Doris Crane )
Adam Alexi-Malle    ( as Jacques Carcanogues )
Michael Badalucco    ( as Frank Raffo )
Katherine Borowitz    ( as Ann Nirdlinger )
Richard Jenkins    ( as Walter Abundas )
Scarlett Johansson    ( as Birdy Abundas )
Peter Schrum    (The as William Von Svenson Barber )
Jon Polito    ( as Creighton Tolliver )
Tony Shalhoub    ( as Freddy Riedenschneider )
James Gandolfini    ( as Big Dave Brewster )
Christopher Kriesa    ( as Persky )
Brian Haley    ( as Krebs )
Jack McGee    ( as Burns )
Gregg Binkley    ( as The New Man )
Abraham Benrubi    ( as Young Man )

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