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The Majestic Movie

The Majestic Info:

Released in US December 21, 2001
Total US Gross $27,796,042
Production Budget $72,000,000
MPAA Rating PG for language and mile thematic elements
Highest Combined Star Gross118
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Produced by Castle Rock Entertainment
Music Composed By Mark Isham
Source Original Screenplay
Major Genre Drama
Country United States
Director Frank Darabont

The Majestic Cast:

Jim Carrey    ( as Peter Appleton/Luke Trimble )
Martin Landau    ( as Harry Trimble )
Laurie Holden    ( as Adele Stanton )
Allen Garfield    ( as Leo Kubelsky )
Amanda Detmer    ( as Sandra Sinclair )
Daniel von Bargen    ( as FBI Agent Ellerby )
Hal Holbrook    ( as Congressman Doyle )
Ron Rifkin    ( as Kevin Bannerman )
David Ogden Stiers    ( as Doc Stanton )
Cliff Curtis    ( as The Evil But Handsome Prince Khalid )
Bob Balaban    ( as Elvin Clyde )
Bruce Campbell    ( as Brett Armstrong/Roland )
Carl Reiner    ( as Studio Executive )
Earl Boen    ( as Newsreel Announcer )
Sydney Pollack    ( as Studio Executive )
Rob Reiner    ( as Studio Executive )
Garry Marshall    ( as Studio Executive )
Paul Mazurksy    ( as Studio Executive )
Matt Damon    ( as Luke Trimble )

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