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In 1971, air-conditioner repairman and boat enthusiast Jim McCormick entertains his desire to 'go down' as a legend in the record books when the Gold Cup hydroplane boat race improbably comes to his small town of Madison, Indiana. Immediately, Jim seizes his opportunity to enter the contest. With a motley crew of fellow mechanics and friends at his side, Jim fixes up his old boat and brings hope to the blighted industrial city.

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Box Office Info:

James Caviezel (as Jim McCormick )
Bruce Dern (as Harry Volpi )
Mary McCormack (as Bonnie McCormick )
Jake Lloyd (as Mike McCormick )
Paul Dooley (as Mayor Don Vaughn )
Brent Briscoe (as Tony Steinhardt )
Mark Fauser (as Travis )
Reed Diamond (as Skip Naughton )
Frank Knapp Jr. (as Bobby Humphrey )
Chelcie Ross (as Roger Epperson )
Byrne Piven (as George Wallin )
William Shockley (as Rick Winston )
Matt Letscher (as Owen Henderson )
Richard Lee Jackson (as Buddy Johnson )
Kristina Anapau (as Tami Johnson )

Directed By: William Bindley
Written By: William Bindley & Scott Bindley
Produced By: Lions Gate Films

Release Date (US): April 22nd, 2005

Length of Movie: 1h 34min

MPAA Rating: PG for some mild language and sports peril.

Budget: $

Opening Weekend: $268,370

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