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Mad City Movie

Mad City Info:

Released in US November 7, 1997
Total US Gross $10,561,038
MPAA Rating PG-13 for depiction of a hostage situation, including violence and brief language
Highest Combined Star Gross253
Genres Hostage
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Music Composed By Thomas Newman
Source Original Screenplay
Major Genre Drama
Country United States
Director Costa-Gavras

Mad City Cast:

Dustin Hoffman    ( as Max Brackett )
John Travolta    ( as Sam Baily )
Alan Alda    ( as Kevin Hollander )
Mia Kirshner    ( as Laurie Callahan )
William Atherton    ( as Dohlen )
Blythe Danner    ( as Mrs. Banks )
Robert Prosky    ( as Lou Potts )
Ted Levine    ( as Chief Alvin Lemke )
Bill Nunn    ( as Cliff )
John Landis    ( as Doctor )
Jay Leno    ( as Himself )
Larry King    ( as Himself )

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