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The Lost Boys Movie

The Lost Boys Info:

Released in US July 31, 1987
Total US Gross $32,222,567
Genres Vampire
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Music Composed By Thomas Newman
Country United States
Director Joel Schumacher

The Lost Boys Cast:

Jason Patric    ( as Michael Emerson )
Corey Haim    ( as Sam Emerson )
Dianne Wiest    ( as Lucy Emerson )
Barnard Hughes    ( as Grandpa )
Edward Herrmann    ( as Max )
Kiefer Sutherland    ( as David )
Jami Gertz    ( as Star )
Corey Feldman    ( as Edgar Frog )
Jamison Newlander    ( as Alan Frog )
Brooke McCarter    ( as Paul )
Billy Wirth    ( as Dwayne )
Alex Winter    ( as Marko )
Chance Michael Corbitt    ( as Laddie )
Alexander Bacon Chapman    ( as Greg )
Nori Morgan    ( as Shelly )

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