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Lost and Delirious Movie

Lost and Delirious Info:

Released in US July 6, 2001
Total US Gross $302,365
MPAA Rating R for strong sexual content involving teens, and language.
Genres Gay/Lesbian
Country Canada

Lost and Delirious Cast:

Piper Perabo    ( as Pauline Oster )
Jessica Pare    ( as Victoria Moller )
Mischa Barton    ( as Mary Bradford 'Mouse' )
Jackie Burroughs    ( as Faye Vaughn )
Graham Greene    ( as Joseph Menzies )
Mimi Kuzyk    ( as Eleanor Bannet )
Luke Kirby    ( as Jake )
Caroline Dhavernas    ( as Kara )
Amy Stewart    ( as Cordelia )
Noel Burton    ( as Morley Bradford )
Emily VanCamp    ( as Allison )
Alan Fawcett    ( as Bruce )
Peter Oldring    ( as Phil )
Grace Kung    ( as Lauren )
Stephen Mwinga    ( as John )

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