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Looking for Richard Movie

Looking for Richard Info:

Released in US October 11, 1996
Total US Gross $1,266,417
MPAA Rating PG-13 for brief strong language and some scenes of violence
Highest Combined Star Gross97
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Original Story by William Shakespeare
Music Composed By Howard Shore
Source Based on Play
Major Genre Drama
Country United States

Looking for Richard Cast:

Al Pacino    ( as Richard III )
Kevin Spacey    ( as Buckingham )
Winona Ryder    ( as Lady Anne )
Alec Baldwin    ( as Clarence )
Aidan Quinn    ( as Richmond )
James Earl Jones    ( as Himself )
Kevin Conway    ( as Hastings )
Paul Guilfoyle    ( as 2nd Murderer )
Kevin Kline    ( as Himself )
Kenneth Branagh    ( as Himself )
Vanessa Redgrave    ( as Herself )
F. Murray Abraham    ( as Himself )
Gil Bellows    ( as Himself )
Paul Gleason    ( as Himself )
Derek Jacobi    ( as Himself )
John Gielgud    ( as Himself )

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