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The Longest Day Movie

The Longest Day Info:

Released in US October 4, 1962
Total US Gross $39,100,000
Highest Combined Star Gross916
Genres Historical Battles, World War II, Gratuitous Cameos
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Source Based on Real Life Events
Major Genre Action/Adventure
Country United States

The Longest Day Cast:

Sean Connery    ( as Private Flanagan )
Robert Wagner    ( as United States Army Ranger )
Henry Fonda    ( as Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt Jr. )
John Wayne    ( as Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Vandervoort )
Roddy McDowall    ( as Private Morris )
Rod Steiger    ( as Destroyer Commander )
George Segal    ( as Commando #1 up cliff )
Richard Burton    ( as Flight Officer David Campbell )
Curt Jurgens    ( as Maj. Gen. Gunther Blumentritt )
Gert Frobe    ( as Sgt. Kaffekanne )
Leo Genn    ( as Brig. Gen. Edwin P. Parker Jr. )
Mel Ferrer    ( as Maj. Gen. Robert Haines )
Peter Lawford    ( as Lord Lovat )
Red Buttons    ( as Private John Steele )
Robert Mitchum    ( as Brigadier General Norman Cota )
Sal Mineo    ( as Pvt. Martini )

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