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Loaded Weapon 1 Movie

Loaded Weapon 1 Info:

Released in US February 5, 1993
Total US Gross $27,979,399
MPAA Rating PG-13 for ribald humor and drug references
Highest Combined Star Gross19
Genres Spoof, Gratuitous Cameos
Distributed by New Line
Source Original Screenplay
Major Genre Comedy
Country United States

Loaded Weapon 1 Cast:

Denise Richards    ( as Cindys )
Denis Leary    ( as Mike McCracken )
F. Murray Abraham    ( as Harold Leacher )
Samuel L. Jackson    ( as Wes Lugar )
Emilio Estevez    ( as Narcotics Sergeant Jack Colt )
Bruce Willis    ( as Wrong Mobile Home Owner (uncredited) )
Jon Lovitz    ( as Tim Beckard )
William Shatner    ( as General Motors )
Charlie Sheen    ( as Gern, parking valet )
Tim Curry    ( as Mr. Jigsaw, General Mortars' henchman )
J.T. Walsh    ( as Desk Clerk, Squealer's Hotel )
Whoopi Goldberg    ( as Sergeant Billy York )
Frank McRae    ( as Captain Doyle )
Bill Nunn    ( as Police Photographer )
Christopher Lambert    ( as Man with car phone )
Corey Feldman    ( as Young trigger-happy cop )
Kathy Ireland    ( as Miss Destiny Demeanor )
Dr. Joyce Brothers    ( as coroner )
Phil Hartman    ( as Officer Davis )
James Doohan    ( as Scotty )
Paul Gleason    ( as FBI Agent Dwayne T. Robinson )

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