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The Lion King Movie

The Lion King Info:

Released in US June 15, 1994
Total US Gross $312,855,561
Production Budget $79,300,000
Prints and Advertising Budget $12,000,000
Rentals $173,057,000
Worldwide Gross $767,900,000
MPAA Rating G
Worldwide Rentals:$531,722,000
Highest Combined Star Gross100
Genres Coming of Age
Distributed by Buena Vista
Music Composed By Hans Zimmer
Source Original Screenplay
Major Genre Animated
Country United States
Director Rob Minkoff

The Lion King Cast:

James Earl Jones    ( as Mufasa (voice) )
Rowan Atkinson    ( as Zazu (voice) )
Matthew Broderick    ( as Adult Simba (voice) )
Whoopi Goldberg    ( as Shenzi (voice) )
Jeremy Irons    ( as Scar (voice) )
Nathan Lane    ( as Timon )
Moira Kelly    ( as Adult Nala )
Cheech Marin    ( as Banzai the Hyena )
Jim Cummings    ( as Ed the Hyena, Gopher, Additional Scar Singing Voice Match, Additional Voices )
Jonathan Taylor Thomas    ( as Young Simba )
Robert Guillaume    ( as Rafiki )

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