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The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou Movie

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Internationally famous oceanographer Steve Zissou and his crew--Team Zissou--set sail on an expedition to hunt down the mysterious, elusive, possibly non-existant Jaguar Shark that killed Zissou's partner during the documentary filming of their latest adventure. They are joined on their voyage by a young airline co-pilot who may or may not be Zissou's son, a beautiful journalist assigned to write a profile of Zissou, and Zissou's estranged wife and co-producer, Eleanor. They face overwhelming complications including pirates, kidnapping, and bankruptcy.

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Box Office Info:

Bill Murray (as Steve Zissou )
Owen Wilson (as Ned Plimpton )
Cate Blanchett (as Jane Winslett-Richardson )
Anjelica Huston (as Eleanor Zissou )
Willem Dafoe (as Klaus Daimler )
Jeff Goldblum (as Alistair Hennessey )
Michael Gambon (as Oseary Drakoulias )
Noah Taylor (as Vladimir Wolodarsky )
Bud Cort (as Bill Ubell )
Seu Jorge (as Pelé dos Santos )
Robyn Cohen (as Anne-Marie Sakowitz )
Waris Ahluwalia (as Vikram Ray )
Niels Koizumi (as Bobby Ogata )
Pawel Wdowczak (as Renzo Pietro )
Matthew Gray Gubler (as Intern #1 )

Directed By: Wes Anderson
Written By: Wes Anderson & Noah Baumbach
Produced By: Touchstone Pictures

Release Date (US): December 25th, 2004

Length of Movie: 1h 58min

MPAA Rating: R for language, some drug use, violence and partial nudity.

Budget: $25,000,000

Opening Weekend: $4,881,000

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou Soundtrack

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou Soundtrack
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1. Shark Attack Theme - Sven Libaek
2. Loquasto International Film Festival
3. Life on Mars? - David Bowie
4. Starman - Seu Jorge
5. Let Me Tell You About My Boat
6. Rebel Rebel - Seu Jorge
7. Zissou Society Blue Star Cadets/Ned's Theme
8. Gut Felling
9. Open Sea Theme - Sven Libaek
10. Rock N' Roll Suicide - Seu Jorge
11. Here's to You - Joan Baez
12. We Call Them Pirates Out Here
13. Search and Destroy - Iggy & the Stooges
14. Nina de Puerta Oscura - Paco de Lucía
15. Life on Mars? - Seu Jorge
16. Ping Island/Lighting Strike Rescue Op
17. Five Years - Seu Jorge
18. 30 Century Man
19. Way I Feel Inside - The Zombies
20. Queen Bitch - David Bowie

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