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The Libertine' follows the adventures of John Wilmot, the second Earl of Rochester, in London of the 17th century. He has a passionate romance with a young actress, Elizabeth Barry, and he writes a scurrilous play which lampoons the monarch who commissioned it, Charles II, leading to the Earl's banishment and eventual downfall.

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Box Office Info:

Johnny Depp (as Rochester )
Samantha Morton (as Elizabeth Barry )
John Malkovich (as King Charles II )
Paul Ritter (as Chiffinch )
Stanley Townsend (as Keown )
Francesca Annis (as Countess )
Rosamund Pike (as Elizabeth Malet )
Johnny Vegas (as Sackville )
Richard Coyle (as Alcock )
Hugh Sachs (as Ratcliffe )
Tom Burke (as Vaughan )
Rupert Friend (as Billy Downs )
Jack Davenport (as Harris )
Trudi Jackson (as Rose )
Claire Higgins (as Molly Luscombe )

Directed By: Laurence Dunmore
Written By: Stephen Jeffreys & Stephen Jeffreys
Produced By: The Weinstein Company

Release Date (US): March 10th, 2006

Length of Movie: 2h 10min

MPAA Rating: R for strong sexuality including dialogue, violence and language

Budget: $

Opening Weekend: $2,202,799

The Libertine Soundtrack

The Libertine Soundtrack
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1. History of the Insipid
2. Upon Drinking in a Bowl
3. Impromtu on an English Court
4. Upon Nothing
5. The Maimed Debauchee
6. The Wish
7. The Submission
8. A Ramble in St. James's Park
9. The Mistress
10. Signior Dildo
11. Against Constancy
12. My Lord All-Pride
13. The Imperfect Enjoyment
14. A Satire Against Reason
15. Rochester's Farewell
16. A Satire Against Mankind
17. Upon Leaving His Mistress

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