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With a family to consider, the courageous Zorro must now weigh the consequences of his secretive, crime-fighting, swashbuckling life: he has become estranged from both his wife, Elena, and child, Joaquin. His son, only knowing that 'papa is away on business' has a difficult time dealing with his father's absence. And his adventure-loving wife must maintain a level of normalcy for the trio's home-life, much to her frustration. However, while Zorro tries to pull himself away from dangerous crusading, his heart speaks to him of a great darkness, and he prays for the courage and strength to, once again, put on the mask--realizing that there is a major threat brewing in California. However, his family falls into peril as he fights the dark forces, and thus, Zorro, is once again called to save the day against a new nemesis.

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Box Office Info:

Antonio Banderas (as Don Alejandro de la Vega/Zorro )
Catherine Zeta-Jones (as Elena de La Vega )
Adrian Alonso (as Joaquin )
Pedro Armendáriz Jr. (as Governor Don Pedro )
Michel Bos (as Archduke Wilhelm )
Nick Chinlund (as McGivens )
Michael Emerson (as Harrigan )
Shuler Hensley (as Pike )
Rowley Irlam (as Sneering Man )
Raúl Méndez (as Ferroq )
Rufus Sewell (as Armand )
Giovanna Zacarías (as Blanca Cortez )

Directed By: Martin Campbell
Written By: Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci
Produced By: Columbia Pictures

Release Date (US): October 28th, 2005

Length of Movie: 2h 10min

MPAA Rating: PG for sequences of violence/peril and action, language and a couple of suggestive moments

Budget: $80,000,000

Opening Weekend: $16,500,000

Legend of Zorro Soundtrack

Legend of Zorro Soundtrack
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1. Collecting the Ballots
2. Stolen Votes
3. To the Governor's... and Then Elena
4. This Is Who I Am
5. Classroom Justice
6. Cortez Ranch
7. Proposal with Pearls/Perilous Times
8. Joaquin's Capture and Zorro's Rescue
9. Jailbreak/Reunited
10. Dinner of Pigeon/Setting the Explosives
11. Mad Dash/Zorro Unmasked
12. Just One Drop of Nitro
13. Train
14. Statehood Proclaimed
15. My Family Is My Life...

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