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Leaving Las Vegas Movie

Leaving Las Vegas Info:

Released in US October 27, 1995
Total US Gross $31,983,777
Production Budget $4,000,000
Worldwide Gross $49,800,000
MPAA Rating R for strong sexuality and language, violence and pervasive alcohol abuse
Highest Combined Star Gross476
Genres Mafia
Distributed by MGM/UA
Major Genre Drama
Director Mike Figgis

Leaving Las Vegas Cast:

Elisabeth Shue    ( as Sera )
Nicolas Cage    ( as Ben )
Ed Lauter    ( as Mobster 3 )
R. Lee Ermey    ( as Conventioneer )
Valeria Golino    ( as Terri )
Laurie Metcalf    ( as Landlady )
French Stewart    ( as Businessman #2 )
Julian Sands    ( as Yuri )
Shawnee Smith    ( as Biker Girl )
Xander Berkeley    ( as Cynical Cabbie )
Mariska Hargitay    ( as Hooker At Bar )

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