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The Last Castle Movie

The Last Castle Info:

Released in US October 19, 2001
Total US Gross $18,208,078
Production Budget $60,000,000
MPAA Rating R for language and violence
Distributed by Dreamworks SKG
Major Genre Drama
Country United States

The Last Castle Cast:

Robert Redford    ( as General Irwin )
James Gandolfini    ( as Colonel Winter )
Mark Ruffalo   
Steve Burton    ( as Lt. Peretz )
George Scott    ( as Thumper )
Addison Pate    ( as Prisoner )
Nick Kokich    ( as Private Neibolt )
David Alford    ( as Corp. Zamorro )
Samuel Ball   
Maurice Bullard    ( as Sgt. McLaren )
Paul Calderon    ( as Dellwo )
Sean Cameron   
Jeremy Childs   
Clifton Collins, Jr.   
Johnny Wayne Dowers    ( as Running Guard )
Frank Fox    ( as Auggie )
J.T. Goldman   
Brian Goodman    ( as Beaupre )
Dean Hall    ( as Harris )
Mike Irby    ( as Enriquez )
Delroy Lindo   
Matt Mangum    ( as Private Patton )
Frank Military    ( as Doc )
Dave Powledge    ( as Guard )
Steve Sandfort    ( as Injured Inmate )
Toni Tardino    ( as Visitor #2 )
Michelle Way    ( as Color Guard/Prison Guard )
Robin Wright Penn    ( as General Irwin's Daughter )

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