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Lake Placid Movie

Lake Placid Info:

Released in US July 16, 1999
Total US Gross $31,770,413
Production Budget $27,000,000
MPAA Rating R for violent creature attacks and related gore, and for language
Genres Animals Gone Bad
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Music Composed By John Ottman
Major Genre Suspense
Country Canada

Lake Placid Cast:

Bill Pullman    ( as Jack Wells )
Bridget Fonda    ( as Kelly Scott )
Oliver Platt    ( as Hector Cyr )
Brendan Gleeson    ( as Sheriff Hank Keough )
Betty White    ( as Mrs. Dolores Bickerman )
David Lewis    ( as Walt Lawson )
Tim Dixon    ( as Stephen Daniels )
Natassia Maltke    ( as Janine )
Mariska Hargitay    ( as Myra Okubo )
Meredith Salenger    ( as Deputy Sharon Gare )
Ty Olsson    ( as State Trooper )

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