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Goldthwait Higginson Dorr III is a charlatan professor who has assembled a gang of experts for the heist of the century. The thieves are experts in explosions, tunneling and muscle. The professor is their critical inside man. The base of operations is the root cellar of an unsuspecting, church-going, little old lady named Mrs. Munson. The ruse: the five need a place to practice their church music. The problem: it quickly becomes evident that Dorr's thieves lack the mental capacity to do the job. The bigger problem: they have seriously underestimated their upstairs host. When Mrs. Munson stumbles onto their plot and threatens to notify the authorities, the felonious five decide to 'do her in' before she ruins their heist. After all, how hard can it be to knock off an old lady? They'll soon find out.

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Box Office Info:

Tom Hanks (as Professor G.H. Dorr)
Irma P. Hall (as Marva Munson)
Marlon Wayans (as Gawain MacSam)
J.K. Simmons (as Garth Pancake)
Tzi Ma (as The General)
Ryan Hurst (as Lump Hudson)
Diane Delano (as Mountain Girl)
George Wallace (as Sheriff Wyner)
John McConnell (as Deputy Sheriff)
Jason Weaver (as Weemack Funthes)
Stephen Root (as Fernand Gudge)
Lyne Odums (as Rosalie Funthes )
Walter K. Jordan (as Elron )
George Anthony Bell (as Preacher)
Greg Grunberg (as TV Commercial Director)

Directed By: Joel Coen
Written By: Max D. Adams & Ethan Coen
Produced By: Touchstone Pictures

Release Date (US): March 26th, 2004

Length of Movie: 1h 44min

MPAA Rating: R for language including sexual references.

Budget: $

Opening Weekend: $12,634,563

The Ladykillers Soundtrack

The Ladykillers Soundtrack
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1. Come, Let Us Go Back To God - The Soul Stirrers
2. Trouble Of This World (Coming Home) - Nappy Roots
3. Let Your Light Shine On Me - The Venice Four With Rose Stone And The Abbot Ki
4. Another Day, Another Dollar - Nappy Roots
5. Jesus I'll Never Forget - The Soul Stirrers
6. Trouble In, Trouble Out - Nappy Roots
7. Trouble Of This World - Bill Landford & The Landfordaires
8. Come, Let Us Go Back To God - Donnie Mc Clurkin
9. Weeping Mary - Rosewell Sacred Harp Quartet
10. Sinners - Little Brother
11. Troubled, Lord I'm Troubled - Bill Landford & The Landfordaires
12. You Can't Hurry God - Donnie Mc Clurkin
13. Any Day Now - The Soul Stirrers
14. Trouble Of This World - Rose Stone With The Venice Four And The Abbot Kinney
15. A Christian's Plea - Claude Jeter And The Swan Silvertones
16. Let Your Light Shine On Me - Blind Willie Johnson
17. Let The Light From The Lighthouse Shine On Me - The Venice Four With Rose St
18. Yes - The Abbot Kinney Lighthouse Choir featuring Kristle Murden

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