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Best friends Charlie Carbone and Louis Fucci are both struggling to get ahead in life--but their approaches couldn't be more different. Louis is an optimist as well as a magnet for bad luck. Ever since he saved Charlie's life 20 years ago, Louis has embroiled them in a series of shady get-rich schemes, which has only compounded Charlie's reputation as the ultimate loser in the eyes of his intimidating stepfather, mob boss Sal Maggio. More skeptical and low-profile than Louis, Charlie justs wants to play by the rules, meet the right girl and make a success of his new business, which is tough with Sal skimming all the profits. But when Louis recruits Charlie to help him escort a truckload of stolen televisions across town, they inadvertently lead police straight to Sal's warehouse. Just when it looms like the guys might end up sleeping with the fishes, Sal gives them one last chance at redemption. All they have to do is deliver $50,000 cash to one of Sal's associates in the Australian Outback. But a kangaroo with a plan of his own gets a hold of the cash, forcing Charlie and Louis to track him across the outback before Sal's henchmen send them "down under" permanently.

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Box Office Info:

Jerry O'Connell (as Charlie Carbone )
Anthony Anderson (as Louis Booker )
Estella Warren (as Jessie )
Christopher Walken (as Sal Maggio )
Marton Csokas (as Mr. Smith )
Dyan Cannon (as Anna Carbone )
Michael Shannon (as Frankie Lombardo )
Bill Hunter (as Blue )
David Ngoombujarra (as Mr. Jimmy )
Mark Sellito (as Blasta (as Mark Sellitto) )
Damien Fotiou (as Baby J )
Christopher Baker (as Crumble )
Ryan Gibson (as Hoon )
Denise Roberts (as Tansy )
Antonio Vitiello (as Toot )

Directed By: David McNally
Written By: Steve Bing & Barry O'Brien
Produced By: Castle Rock Entertainment & Jerry Bruckheimer Films

Release Date (US): April 27th, 2003

Length of Movie: 1h 29min

MPAA Rating: Rated PG for language, crude humor, sensuality and violence.

Budget: $60,000,000

Opening Weekend: $21,895,483

Overall Domestic Box Office Gross: $66,734,992

Kangaroo Jack Soundtrack

Kangaroo Jack Soundtrack
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1. DJ Otzi - Hey Baby - DJ Otzi
2. Sugarbabes - Round Round - Sugarbabes
3. Soft Cell - Tainted Love - Soft Cell
4. Lucia - So Clever - Lucia
5. Paulina Rubio - Casanova - Paulina Rubio
6. Shaggy - Hey Sexy Lady - Shaggy
7. Shawn Desman - Spread My Wings
8. Lil' Romeo - 2 Way - Lil' Romeo
9. Wiseguys - Start The Commotion - Wiseguys
10. Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight
11. Colin Hay - Down Under - Colin Hay
12. The Dude - Rock Da Juice - The Dude

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