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Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Movie

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An intergalactic tale about the adventures of Jimmy Neutron, a 10-year-old boy with an exceptionally high IQ and a prodigious imagination. Always inventing gadgets to make his life in Retroville more interesting, Jimmy is a boy genius with real kid emotions. Jimmy has a great sense of fun and adventure but his inventions often get him into trouble, so Jimmy sometimes fantasizes about living life on his own. But when Jimmy's parents and all the adults in his hometown are kidnapped by invading aliens--the dreaded "Yokians", a group of green, gooey, egg-yolk creatures with eyes that sit in glass shells--Jimmy quickly discovers that things aren't so great without moms and dads. And so, armed with his cool inventions, Jimmy and his buddies--his trusty robot dog, Goddard, his best friend Carl Wheezer and his rival, Cindy Vortex--soar to the stars and back in one zany afternoon.

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Box Office Info:

Megan Cavanagh (as Judy Neutron/VOX (voice))
Mark DeCarlo (as Hugh Neutron/Pilot/Arena Guard (voice))
Debi Derryberry (as James 'Jimmy' Isaac Neutron (voice))
Jeffrey Garcia (as Sheen Estabez (voice))
Bob Goen (as Newscaster (voice))
Mary Hart (as Newscaster (voice))
Carolyn Lawrence (as Cindy Vortex (voice))
Andrea Martin (as Mrs. Fowl (voice))
Candi Milo (as Nick Dean/Britanny/PJ (voice))
Rob Paulsen (as Carl Wheezer/Carl's Mom and Dad/Kid in Classroom/Kid (voice))
Crystal Scales (as Libby (voice))
Martin Short (as Ooblar (voice))
Patrick Stewart (as King Goobot (voice))
Jim Cummings (as Ultra Lord/Mission Control/General (voice))
David L. Lander (as Yokian Guard/Gus (voice))

Directed By: John A. Davis
Written By: John A. Davis & Steve Oedekerk
Produced By: Nickelodeon Movies

Release Date (US): 23 December 2001

Length of Movie: 82 min

MPAA Rating: Rated G

Budget: $25,000,000

Opening Weekend:$18,554,948

Domestic Box Office Gross: $80,920,948

Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius Soundtrack

Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius Soundtrack
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1. Leave It Up To Me - Aaron Carter
2. Pop (Deep Dish Remix) - NSYNC
3. Parents Just Don't Understand - Lil' Romeo, 3LW & Nick Cannon
4. Intimidated - Britney Spears
5. He Blinded Me With Science - Melissa Lefton
6. AC's Alien Nation - Aaron Carter
7. Kids In America - No Secrets
8. The Answer To Our Life - Backstreet Boys
9. The Chicken Dance - Stupid
10. I Can Count On You - True Vibe
11. We Got The Beat - Go Go's
12. Go Jimmy Jimmy - Aaron Carter
13. Parents Just Don't Understand (Bonus Mix) - Lil' Romeo, Nick Cannon & 3LW
14. Blitzkreig Bop - The Ramones
15. Jimmy Neutron Theme - Bowling For Soup
16. Hidden Track

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