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Every 23 years for 23 days the Creeper returns to feed on the unsuspecting. This time his prey is a group of basketball players, cheerleaders, and coaches returning home from a championship game, who become stranded on the infamous East 9 Highway in Poho County--only it's the cunning Creeper who has actually crippled their bus. On the 23rd night of flesh-eating, the Creeper has embarked on its final voracious feeding frenzy. As night falls, the terrified group of young athletes must fight their own fears and prejudices and come together in a seemingly hopeless struggle against a winged nightmare--hellbent on stockpiling as many victims as it can on the ultimate night of its grizzly, ritual fest.

The Creeper is back in another run-of-the-mill horror movie, but this time its victims are high school cheerleaders and varsity athletes. The original Jeepers Creepers was a box office smash considering it featured little to no special effects and a miniscule 10 million dollar budget. Trying to create a franchise like Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th, the villain remains infallible and relentless to no end. Unfortunately this film doesn't realize its potential on the big screen. After the first film went on to gross over $40 million dollars in box offices worldwide, the second film received a $25 million budget and a chance to break into the classic horror film genre.

The original Jeepers Creepers captivated certain audiences with its originality and the dark and unforgiving nature. The sequel wants to break out of the shadow left by the first movie, but never does. The second film tries to fill the story with clichés, including popular jocks and cheerleaders with the dorky team manager.

The biggest problem with this film franchise is that it doesn't give the Creeper any personality or direction. Its not that the Creeper doesn't talk, because with Jason from Friday the 13th, there isn't massive dialogues by main villain, but there is the background story of camp drowning and his mother. Most popular horror genre films feature a hack and slash killer with some sort of a human face (Freddy, burned to death by neighbors who returns to haunt childrens dreams). The second major problem with this franchise is that the Creeper is really systematic. He kills for 23 days every 23 years. This really takes the spontaneity out of the killings. Furthermore there are only certain body parts and certain individuals the Creeper wants. The scary thing about Jason, Freddy, Michael (Halloween) was that you could be next. These characters weren't picky or systematic, but if you were in the wrong place at the wrong time it could be you. This film adds an another dimension by adding that you must also have the desired body parts the Creeper desires in a specific time frame, but in my opinion this does more harm than good. If you have already seen Freddy Vs Jason and your horror movie tongue is salivating (because it will after the film), then you might get a few kicks out of this poorly done horror film.

See this movie if you're a fan of:

Jeepers Creepers (2001)

Victor Salva (Director/Screenwriter, Jeepers Creepers and Powder)

Something in the Basement (1986)

Nicki Lyn Aycox (Actress, Providence (TV Show), Slap Her... She's French)

Any horror movie at all

star half star

Box Office Info:

Ray Wise (as Jack Taggart)
Jonathan Breck (as The Creeper)
Travis Schiffner (as Izzy Bohen)

Directed By: Victor Salva
Written By: Victor Salva
Produced By: MGM

Release Date (US): August 29, 2003

Length of Movie: 1h 46min

MPAA Rating: Rated R for horror violence and language

Budget: $25,000,000

Opening Weekend: $18,365,222

Jeepers Creepers 2 Soundtrack

Jeepers Creepers 2 Soundtrack
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1. Billy's Abduction
2. Ancient Blade
3. The Taggarts Prepare
4. Minnie's Dream #1
5. Creeper Star
6. Coach Snatchings
7. Minnie's Dream #2
8. Bad News/Taggart Makes Contact
9. Brain Flossing
10. Headless Dante Dance/Regeneration
11. Field Chase
12. The Taggart/Creeper Faceoff
13. The Big Battle
14. Bug Truck Chase
15. The Creeper Hops Among Us
16. The Stabbing/End of Days
17. Creeper on the Cross
18. End Title

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