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It's every sports fan's wildest, craziest fantasy--the chance to play on the field and go toe-to-toe with the larger-than-life heroes they idolize. Yet, in 1976, this seemingly fairy-tale scenario happened in real life. It was then that Vince Papale, a 30-year-old teacher and part-time bartender with little football experience other than being a season ticket-holder, entered the unprecedented public tryouts for his NFL favorites, the Philadelphia Eagles, and defied all expectations. Not only did Papale make the team--he remade the team, helping to inspire them to break through their 11-season losing and streak and rediscover their winning spirit. In the bicentennial year of 1976, Papale lived out the dreams of a city and a nation by taking on the impossible with an unsinkable attitude and becoming the NFL's most unlikely rookie ever.

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Box Office Info:

Mark Wahlberg (as Vince Papale )
Greg Kinnear (as Dick Vermeil )
Elizabeth Banks (as Janet Cantrell )
Kevin Conway (as Frank Papale )
Michael Rispoli (as Max Cantrell )
Kirk Acevedo (as Tommy )
Dov Davidoff (as Johnny )
Michael Kelly (as Pete )
Sal Darigo (as Mick )
Nicoye Banks (as TJ Banks )
Turron Kofi Alleyne (as Ronnie Sampson )
Stink Fisher (as Denny Franks )
Michael Mulheren (as AC Craney )
Michael Nouri (as Leonard Tose )
Jack Kehler (as Wade Chambers )

Directed By: Ericson Core
Written By: Brad Gann
Produced By: Buena Vista Pictures

Release Date (US): August 25th, 2006

Length of Movie: 1h 44min

MPAA Rating: PG for sports and some mild language

Budget: $

Opening Weekend: $17,031,122

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