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In the Bedroom Movie

In the Bedroom Info:

Released in US November 23, 2001
Total US Gross $35,930,604
Production Budget $1,700,000
Worldwide Gross $42,726,150
MPAA Rating R for some violence and language
Genres Surprise Twist
Distributed by Miramax
Music Composed By Thomas Newman
Major Genre Drama
Country United States
Director Todd Field

In the Bedroom Cast:

Tom Wilkinson    ( as Matt Fowler )
Sissy Spacek    ( as Ruth Fowler )
Nick Stahl    ( as Frank Fowler )
William Mapother    ( as Richard Strout )
Marisa Tomei    ( as Natalie Strout )
William Wise    ( as Willis Grinnel )
Celia Weston    ( as Katie Grinnel )
Karen Allen    ( as Marla Keyes )
Justin Ashforth    ( as Tim Bryson )
Frank T. Wells    ( as Henry )
W. Clapham Murray    ( as Carl )
Terry A. Burgess    ( as William Davis )
Jonathan Walsh    ( as Father McCaslin )
Camden Munson    ( as Jason Strout )
Christopher Adams    ( as Duncan Strout )
Veronica Cartwright    ( as Minister on Television )

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