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A nasty storm hits a hotel near a rarely used highway, where ten strangers are stranded within and as they begin to know each other, they figure out they are being killed off one by one.

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Box Office Info:

John Cusack (as Ed )
Ray Liotta (as Rhodes )
Amanda Peet (as Paris )
John Hawkes (as Larry )
Alfred Molina (as Dr. Malick )
Clea DuVall (as Ginny )
John C. McGinley (as George York )
William Lee Scott (as Lou )
Jake Busey (as Robert Maine )
Pruitt Taylor Vince (as Malcolm Rivers )
Rebecca De Mornay (as Caroline Suzanne (as Rebecca DeMornay) )
Carmen Argenziano (as Defense Lawyer )
Marshall Bell (as District Attorney )
Leila Kenzle (as Alice York )
Matt Letscher (as Assistant District Attorney )

Directed By: James Mangold
Written By: Michael Cooney
Produced By: Columbia Pictures Corporation

Release Date (US): April 27th, 2003

Length of Movie: 1h 30min

MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong violence and language.

Budget: $30,000,000

Opening Weekend: $16,225,263

Overall Domestic Box Office Gross: $51,475,962

Identity Soundtrack

Identity Soundtrack
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1. Prologue
2. What Have You Done?
3. Settling In
4. Lou Is Dead
5. Suicide Jumper
6. It Was an Accident
7. Bodies Disappear
8. May 10th
9. Rhode's Secret
10. Showdown
11. Orange Grove
12. No Second Chance
13. Identity End Credits

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