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I Could Never Be Your Woman Movie

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A mother falls for a younger man while her teenage daughter falls in love for the very first time.

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Michelle Pfeiffer (as Rosie )
Paul Rudd (as Adam )
Tracey Ullman (as Mother Nature )
Fred Willard (as Marty )
Stacey Dash (as Brianna )
Saoirse Ronan (as Izzie )
Twink Caplan (as Sissy )
Yasmine Paige (as Melanie )

Directed By: Amy Heckerling
Written By: Amy Heckerling
Produced By: MGM

Release Date (US): March 2nd, 2007

Length of Movie: 1h 37min

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sexual content and language

Budget: $

Opening Weekend: $

I Could Never Be Your Woman Soundtrack

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