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The Ice Storm Movie

The Ice Storm Info:

Released in US September 27, 1997
Total US Gross $7,885,782
MPAA Rating R for sexuality and drug use, including scenes involving children, and for language
Highest Combined Star Gross331
Genres Dysfunctional Family, Coming of Age
Distributed by Fox Searchlight
Major Genre Drama
Country United States
Director Ang Lee

The Ice Storm Cast:

Kevin Kline    ( as Ben Hood )
Christina Ricci    ( as Wendy Hood )
Katie Holmes    ( as Libbets Casey )
Tobey Maguire    ( as Paul Hood )
Elijah Wood    ( as Mikey Carver )
Allison Janney    ( as Dot Halford )
Joan Allen    ( as Elena Hood )
Sigourney Weaver    ( as Janey Carver )
David Krumholtz    ( as Francis Davenport )
Colleen Camp    ( as Dr. Pasmier )

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