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Casey is just trying to please her hard-working mom, who's got her daughter on the fast track to Harvard, when she decides to do a report on the physics of figure skating. Having fantasized on her backyard pond about becoming an Olympic champion since she was a little girl, Casey is ecstatic, and nervous, to finally have a chance to meet the elite skaters at her local rink. What she doesn't know is that her existence is about to be sent for a wild spin when it turns out that Casey's smarts have helped her become a skating prodigy. Now, as she gets the chance to train with champion-in-the-making Gen Harwood and Gen's famously tough coach and mother, Tina, Casey sets off on a fun, comedic and life-changing adventure that takes her into a world she never expected to experience. Not only does she get a crash course in the glamour, sweat and tears of skating competitions, she also gets her first taste of romance as she falls for Gen's teenage brother, the rink's hunky Zamboni driver, Teddy. As she trains with gritty determination, Casey’s confidence begins to soar--but with the big championship looming, she is about to find out if she really has what it takes to leave her old life behind and truly become an ice princess.

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Box Office Info:

Michelle Trachtenberg (as Casey Carlyle )
Kim Cattrall (as Tina Harwood )
Joan Cusack (as Mrs. Carlyle )
Tom Barnett (as Chip Healy )
Trevor Blumas (as Teddy Harwood )
Juliana Cannarozzo (as Zoe )
Tyler Gallagher (as Cool Kid )
Michael Kuroiwa (as Snotty Ice Skater )
Michelle Kwan (as Commentator )
Pearl Lam (as Cool Kid #13 )
Paul Sun-Hyung Lee (as Tiffany's Dad )
Thanh Nguyen (as Rink Rat )
Kirsten Olson (as Nikki )
Hayden Panettiere (as Gen Harwood )
Adrian Roberto (as Cool Kid )
Justin Tyler (as Brown Haired Boy )

Directed By: Tim Fywell
Written By: Meg Cabot & Hadley Davis
Produced By: Walt Disney Pictures

Release Date (US): March 18th, 2005

Length of Movie: 1h 38min

MPAA Rating: G for General Audiences

Budget: $

Opening Weekend: $6,807,471

Ice Princess Soundtrack

Ice Princess Soundtrack
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1. Reach - Caleigh Peters
2. Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield
3. You Set Me Free - Michelle Branch
4. It's Oh So Quiet - Lucy Woodward
5. There Is No Alternative - Tina Sugandh
6. Get Up - Superchic[k]
7. I Got The Music In Me - Jump5
8. Bump - Raven Symone
9. If I Had It My Way - Emma Roberts
10. Reachin' For Heaven - Michelle Trachtenberg
11. No One - Aly & A.J.
12. Get Your Shine On - Jesse McCartney
13. I Fly - Hayden Panettiere

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