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How to Make an American Quilt Movie

How to Make an American Quilt Info:

Released in US October 6, 1995
Total US Gross $23,600,020
MPAA Rating PG-13 for a scene of drug use, some sensuality and nudity
Highest Combined Star Gross86
Distributed by Universal
Produced by Amblin Entertainment
Music Composed By Thomas Newman
Source Based on Book/Short Story
Major Genre Drama
Country United States

How to Make an American Quilt Cast:

Winona Ryder    ( as Finn Dodd )
Dermot Mulroney    ( as Sam )
Alfre Woodard    ( as Marianna )
Rip Torn    ( as Arthur Cleary )
Samantha Mathis    ( as Young Sophia Darling )
Loren Dean    ( as Young Preston (Sophia's husband) )
Tamala Jones    ( as Anna's Great Grandmother )
Ellen Burstyn    ( as Hy (Finn's Grandmother) )
Anne Bancroft    ( as Glady Joe Cleary )
Adam Baldwin    ( as Finn's Father )
Kate Capshaw    ( as Sally )
Lois Smith    ( as Sophia Darling Richards )
Richard Jenkins    ( as Howell Saunders )
Jean Simmons    ( as Em Reed )
Kate Nelligan    ( as Constance Saunders )
Jared Leto    ( as Beck )
Mykelti Williamson    ( as Winston )
James Rebhorn   
Holland Taylor    ( as Mrs. Rubens )
Claire Danes    ( as Young Glady Jo )

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