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A road trip to the biggest college football championship of the year takes a turn for the worse for Carly, Paige and their friends, when they decide to camp out for the night before heading to the game. A confrontation with a mysterious trucker at the camp site leaves everyone unsettled, and Carly has her hands full trying to keep the peace between her boyfriend Wade and her hot-headed brother Nick. They wake up the next morning to find that their car might have been tampered with, preventing their departure. At the risk of being stranded, they accept a local's invitation for a ride into Ambrose, the only town for miles. Once there, they are drawn to Ambrose's main attraction--Trudy's House of Wax, which is filled with remarkably life-like wax sculptures. But as they soon discover, there is a shocking reason the exhibits look so real. As the friends uncover the town's dark secrets, they are stalked by a mysterious killer and find themselves in a bloody battle for survival. The group must find a way out of Ambrose--or become permanent additions to the House of Wax.

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Box Office Info:

Elisha Cuthbert (as Carly Jones )
Chad Michael Murray (as Nick Jones )
Brian Van Holt (as Bo/Vincent )
Paris Hilton (as Paige Edwards )
Jared Padalecki (as Wade )
Jon Abrahams (as Dalton Chapman )
Robert Ri'chard (as Blake )
Dragicia Debert (as Trudy Sinclair )
Thomas Adamson (as Young Bo )
Murray Smith (as Dr. Sinclair )
Sam Harkess (as Young Vincent )
Damon Herriman (as Roadkill Driver )
Andy Anderson (as Sheriff )

Directed By: Jaume Serra
Written By: Charles Belden & Chad Hayes
Produced By: Warner Bros. Pictures

Release Date (US): May 6th, 2005

Length of Movie: 1h 26min

MPAA Rating: R for horror violence, some sexual content and language.

Budget: $40,000,000

Opening Weekend: $12,077,236

House of Wax Soundtrack

House of Wax Soundtrack
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1. Spitfire
2. I Never Told You What I Do for a Living - My Chemical Romance
3. Minerva - Deftones
4. Gun in Hand - Stutterfly
5. Prayer - Disturbed
6. Path to Prevail - Bloodsimple
7. Dried Up, Tied and Dead to the World
8. Dirt - The Stooges
9. Not That Social - The Von Bondies
10. Cut Me Up - Har Mar Superstar
11. New Dawn Fades - Joy Division
12. Taking Me Alive - Dark New Day

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